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Australian National Press Club presentation given by Former US Secretary of Energy Dr Stephen Chu 10 December 2014
This is a video of a very straight talking and up-to-date speech by a most economically and technologically well informed person. It is a myth breaker.

Christine Milne at the National Press Club 23 June 09
This is a video of a landmark speech that has been supressed in the press... essential viewing.

I'm a Climate Scientist - amusing video produced by Australian climate scientists. 2011

Climate Change / Oil Descent / Renewable Energy / Electric Vehicle Technology
Politics and Economics / Related Website Links

Climate Change v=pPRd5GT0v0I
For the practical person who likes to see the underlying process for themselves.

The man who discovered greenhouse gases 13 May 09
A good historical introduction.

The correlation between CO2 and temperature 04 June 09
Good explanations for the layperson.

Climate Change: A guide for the perplexed
Explains the thinking and experiments that debunk myths against anthropogenic climate change. Can we trust the science? Is the sun to blame? Does CO2 cause warming? What happened in the past? What is happening now? What is going to happen? Why should I worry?

Timeline: Climate Change
900 AD to the present.

You can read the book Climate Code Red as a pdf file here.
A good overview of climate change.

...and visit their website here.

Climate Countdown from 5 degrees
Puts our situation in perspective.

An animation about one possible tipping point

Read about Biochar in Wikipedia
How we can remove Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.

Newscientist's latest climate change articles.

How to survive the coming century
If we keep doing what we are doing there will be only a few places where life will still be possible for people.

An article written by a medical doctor making a comparison of the Earth with a terminally ill patient.
The problems will come faster and faster until we are overwhelmed.

Driller thriller: Antarctica's tumultuous past revealed.
The Western Antarctic has been completely melted in the past when the CO2 was above 400 ppm. They are working out how fast the melting will happen and sea levels will rise.

Revealed: Antarctic ice growing, not shrinking. 18 April 09
Well that is a surprise... what is going on?...

Why Antarctic ice is growing despite global warming. 20 April 09
They say it is mainly due to the ozone hole and when it closes the ice will start to melt fast.

'Quiet Sun' baffling astronomers. 21 April 09
The sun is going through a long cooling period but it won't be anywhere enough to stop the environmental damage from global warming.

Humanity's carbon budget set at one trillion tonnes. 29 April 09
We have already used half of that and with business growth as usual will use the other half in 20 years.

Ice sheet melt threat reassessed. 14 May 09
The Western Antartic sea level rise contribution reassessed at 3.3m.

Buddhist climate project May 09
Inspiring to read what President Obama has been doing!

Drastic action may be needed over us flood risk 06 June 09
Ironic that it will be worst on the East Coast of North America!

Climate catastrophe getting closer, warn scientists 18 June 09

Climate change odds much worse than thought
- New analysis shows warming could be double previous estimates 19 June 09
Major Study by MIT: conclude we must start now creating a zero emissions economy.

Tropical zone expanding due to climate change: study 6 July 09
Severe drying in temperate zones.

Pressing the Case for Geoengineering 22 June 09
Changing the atmosphere to reflect some sunlight.

UN climate change chief: "If we continue at this rate, we won't make it" 14 Aug 09
Meaning we won't get an adequate agreement at Copenhagen to avoid global catastrope.

Long Debate Ended Over Cause, Demise Of Ice Ages? Research Into Earth's Wobble 7 Aug 09
2 degrees of tilt change over 100,000 years caused by interplanetary gravitation initiated melting.

Low-carbon future: We can afford to go green 2 Dec 09
New Scientist commissioned study analysing price rises due to energy costs. They assumed that future governments will provide grants and other incentives to help switch all domestic heating and cooking to electricity, and invest in the infrastructure needed for electric cars to almost completely replace petroleum-fuelled vehicles.

Why there's no sign of a climate conspiracy in hacked emails 4 Dec 09
The affair is being portrayed as a scandal that undermines the science behind climate change. It is no such thing, and here's why.

'Acidifying oceans' threaten food supply, UK warns 14 Dec 09
Acidification of the oceans is a major threat to marine life and humanity's food supply. "It doesn't get as much attention as the other problems; it is really important."

Climate scientist discusses Copenhagen summit 071209
Dr James Hansen ...and anthropomorphic climate change arguments.

Cold comfort: the psychology of climate denial 02 Dec 09
...more and more people he meets are having what he calls an "Oh shit!" moment.

Chaos greets new climate pact 19 Dec 09
"We've now figured out why we can't get into that room: because that room has Wen, Lula, Singh and Zuma," the official said. "They're all having a meeting."

How China gutted Copenhagen and avoided the blame 25 Dec 09
It was China's representative who insisted that industrialised country targets - previously agreed as an 80 per cent cut by 2050 - be taken out of the deal.

Road Transportation Is the Greatest Culprit in Global Warming 07 Mar 10
Power generation, while having the greatest total impact, also includes a large number of compounds that increase cloud reflectivity and provide other effects to offset some of the warming they are responsible for.

Meltdown: Why ice ages don't last forever 24 May 2010
Changes in Earths orbit changes the sunlight just enough to melt enough ice to slow ocean circulation enough to warm the southern oceans enough to release enough CO2 to keep melting the ice sheets. The release of CO2 by the formation of coral in rising seas may also contribute.

Climate Change: The Evidence and Our Options Fall 2010
A warning from a climate scientist.

The evidence keeps piling up, and we still have time to save our future if we take strong action now to de-carbonise our activities.


Oil Descent

About Peak Oil
General Information about the peak and decline of the global oil supply.

InfoGraphic on Transport 24 February 17
Watch what is going on around this planet at this very moment.-----------------------------------

Oil not the Climate Change Culprit 17 December 08
Coal is the biggest risk for dangerous climate change, but reducing oil supplies will push the price very high.

Oil prices: crude jumps on dwindling inventories 20 May 09
Scaled-back investment in the oil patch could set the stage for an oil supply crunch by 2012.

World oil supply has peaked: expert
Professor Kjell Aleklett, president of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil&Gas, advisor to the USA, House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality, has been studying the issue since 1978.

Extreme oil: Scraping the bottom of Earth's barrel 02 Dec 09
Lots more oil, but thankfully very difficult to extract.

1 Hour of Lawnmower Exhaust = 150 km in Car Exhaust BBC 01 June 09
This refers to pollutants other than CO2.

Society ignores the oil crunch at its peril Guardian 10 Feb 2010
Major British companies and oil CEOs are now sounding the alert

The peak of oil production is passed - LISTEN NOW or DOWNLOAD AUDIO 02 May 2010
A Very Clear Warning!

IEA Acknowledges Peak Oil 11 Nov 2010
The truth has finally begun to appear.

Australia is sleepwalking into an oil price trap 29 Jan 11
About 72% of crude oil products consumed in Australia are eaten up by transport, 62% of which is for private cars. rn/podcast/2013/06/bia_ 20130610.mp3 10 June 13
While some predict peak oil will soon be the end of industrial society, others shrug it off as scaremongering. But if we are running out of oil, is intervention needed to mitigate the impact of peak oil – or will market forces and technological innovation be a sufficient response?

Renewable Energy

Newscientist's latest articles on energy and fuels.

Methanol challenges hydrogen to be fuel of the future 02 June 09
Unclear about the efficiency of the electricity to methanol processes.

Renewable_energy_wrecks_environment,_scientist_claims 07 August 07
Very controversial article about wind and solar power versus nuclear.

The Heat Is On When It Comes to Building Coal-Fired Power Plants 01 June 09
Politics of coal-electricity in the USA.

Website promoting Geothermal energy "Earth Power"

Wind could power the entire world 22 June 09

wave-power-designs 2009
Photos with links to articles

Solar panel costs 'set to fall' 30 Nov 09
Grid parity in Italy next year!

Scientists Unlock One Mystery of Photosynthesis 21 Feb 2010
The light-triggered reaction can start independently on one of two different branches in the photosynthesis complex.

Wind Turbines on the Edge: Small Wind Power Could be Moving in Next Door 08 Nov 2006
Smoothly integrating small wind power into buildings.

Ultra-Secretive Bloom Box Fuel Cell Device is Revealed 21 Feb 2010
Methane (or other hydrocarbons) and oxygen is fed in, the whole thing is heated up to 1,000 Celsius, and electricity comes out.

U.S. Could Generate 37 Million GWh of Wind Power Per Year 22 Feb 2010
The new number is over 12 times the amount of energy we consume each year.

Breakthrough Producing Hydrogen from Water + Sunlight 07 Mar 2010
Sounds very promising.

Innovation: Bloom didn't start a fuel-cell revolution 26 February 2010
Cooler fuel cells.

Using Underwater Kites to Generate Power 10 May 2010
Spinning a turbine as they glide back and forth they appear to be cost effective.

It is clear that ignorant and selfish people behind conventional energy companies and the coal industry are orchestrating campaigns to create confusion and dysinformation to avoid strong political action supporting renewable energy being taken.

Electric Vehicle Technology 
A general introduction to electric vehicles.

youtube evbetterplace
You can see the Better Place battery switching technology here.

Breathing batteries could store 10 times the energy 19 May 09
A rechargeable Lithium-Air battery would be just wonderful. That could be viable in aircraft too. It will be years before they are available.

Train can be worse for climate than plane 08 June 09
That is when the full life-cycle emissions related to infrastructure are included. Is that an inconvenient truth?

Will e-trucks deliver your snail mail? 02 June 09
Using solar electicity and with the batteries backing up the grid.

Rare Metals Could Trigger Next Trade War 26 June 09
China is making a grab.

This battery could keep your hybrid going for 20 years 2010
The company claims its new batteries can cycle through 10,000 charges and last 20 years.

Man Builds World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Motorcycle May 14th, 2009
I think it would take a looong time to charge!

THINK & Aerovironment: 80% EV Charge in 15 Minutes 21 Feb 2010
The development and deployment of very-fast-charge stations will help speed the electrification of automobiles in the United States and globally.

Many Uses for Super Charge Ion Batteries 04 Mar 2010
The SCiB batteries are based on lithium chemistry they also have an internal structure which helps prevent short circuits and avoid "thermal runaway". They can reach 90% charge in about 5 minutes.

Electric dream machines: just pull up and plug in 11 Nov 2009
Charge points are on the way.

Sanyo Completes Installation of Solar Parking Lots for Electric Bikes in Tokyo 17 Mar 2010
HIT solar panels (approximate 46m2, 7.56kW) are installed on the roof to generate sufficient power to recharge the batteries of a total of 100 "eneloop bike" units and illuminate the LED parking lot lights.

Report Reveals Lithium-ion Battery Prices Already Dropping Steeper Than Expected 09 Mar 2010
At $450 per kwh at today’s gas prices, after 90,000 miles of electric driving fuel savings will cover the added cost of the battery.

Bolt Electric Confirmed for IoM Zero TT 13 May 2010
150mph Liquid cooled battery... wow!

China's electric-bicycle boom 13 May 2010
The Chinese authorities weigh the pros and cons of motorised bicycles

Electric bicycles offer ‘best application of technology 14 May 2010
The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) concluded that the bicycle offered the best application of the technology

Writer Works Up a Sweat on an Electric Bicycle 24 May 2010
Riding an electric bicycle, under some circumstances, can be an excellent way to get some exercise.

Are Lithium Air Batteries the Future of Electric Vehicles? 17 May 2010
This results in a battery that is smaller, lighter, and hopefully cheaper, providing ranges of 500 miles or more.

So many developments are now happening in Electric Vehicle Technology it is pointless for me to continue this list. Now it is just a question of the marketing and uptake. I am hopeful that battery changing via Better Place will hasten the uptake of electric vehicles.

Politics and Economics

The Story of Cap and Trade 03 Dec 09
Cap and trade is made simple in this film from US sustainability activist Annie Leonard.

Climate and Capitalism in Copenhagen 01 Dec 09
The world has to choose between free trade and effective climate management.

PDX approves bike plan with $20M kick-start February 11, 2010
Portland's $600 million bicycle plan is a go.

Related Website Links A Climate for Change is a community and news site for people who care about climate change.

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